Soundwagon – portable VW Bus record player

Soundwagon - Vinyl Killer
This is the world’s smallest portable vinyl record player, also known as Soundwagon or Vinyl Killer. The VW Bus is driven with a 9V battery and comes with a needle on the bottom and speakers on the top. You can place the wagon on a vinyl record pull the antenna for ON and it plays the sound (including video).

Stokyo design from Japan now manufactures and distributes these little vinyl toys in pink or grey with an official license from VW for using the design. They are hard to get, but there are several exclusive retailers across the world.

Keep in mind, that these are toys and not for high quality listening sessions, as you see in the video below. The Soundwagon did also have the name Vinyl Killer not for no reason. We think that these are collectors items for funny demo sessions on cheaper records. What we did not figure out, if it can also play at different RPM. If you know, please leave us a comment. How do you like it?

Check out the video and learn how to turn it ON and OFF ;)

If you already followed articles about these record players, you can find golden and silver ones by Tamco and also some other colors under the former name “Vinyl Killer”. The newer version Soundwagon comes with improved speakers, needle and other components. Get it now from the official retailer:

GET IT HERE in pink GET IT HERE in grey
Soundwagon_Pink Soundwagon_Grey
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3 Responses to Soundwagon – portable VW Bus record player

  1. Aussie Brum says:

    These only play larger size (L P) records and only at 33 R.P.M. We have an old VW van and I am so tempted to get one of these for my husband.

  2. John says:

    Do you know what is the best site to purchase one of these?

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