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2011/08/02 – Hello Visitors, DJs and Fans, we are proud to announce that we’ve launched this brand new blog today to keep all the wonderful pictures for you online and outside of social networks. You made all this happen with great support on Facebook and on other blogs. DJ rooms is almost 1,5 years old by now. We started as a little Fanpage with the name “Musikzimmer – DJs and their living rooms” on Facebook. Picture content of the living rooms by DJs and superb design from all over the world let us create a strong community out of the site with mostly visual stuff.

Times changed, we grew up and so did the name. “DJ rooms” was the buzzword and we saved the URL for a website in the future. As we looked at the positive response from all of the fans on the Facebook page, we thought, that we have to go on building an own site on the net to reach more people out there and of course building a persistent archive. We do not make any money out of this project. Advertisements on this page are there to fund server costs. This is just a hobby. We want to unite fans of the good old vinyl record as well as the mp3 lovers. It’s all about the music!

Having a feature on our page is absolutely for free for every artist! Who we are: We were all working for the music industry in Germany for several years and are addicted of collecting good music on vinyl records. As you can see, we are fanatics in finding and sharing great articles especially about producing, music, design and the perfect way of storing records. This site is what we would like to give back to all people who love the music and the scene as well as we do. We are working on the content. New articles, as well as the archive on Facebook will be released soon. We hope you enjoy this new website as well as we do. Stay tuned. Chris

3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Federico says:

    hello how can I get a page on my site?
    I can send you a description and photos of my room?
    thank you very much

  2. William Silva says:

    My name is William and I wonder how do I get a photo
    these (gif) to use the layout of a possible record store. If I can use .. how this happens …

    Already, appreciate the attention

  3. Jason says:

    Quick question. Do you guys have any idea where one might buy the Gold Technics vinyl weights? I see them in pictures all the time on display set ups. I haven’t been able to find a single person selling them or been able to get any good info on them. I’ve been told they were prizes for DMC World DJ Competitions back in the day.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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