Vinyl record day 2011

Vinyl Record Day 2011

It’s Friday the 12th of August 2011 and VINYL RECORD DAY. We are celebrating the good old black vinyl record. This day nationally established on august 12th, the date Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. There is also an organisation dedicated to vinyls and the vinyl record day.

We shared the news to our community on Facebook earlier this day and asked what thoughts comes to their minds when hearing the word vinyl record. There were some great comments and we show you some excerpts below.

What comes to your mind? Write it down in the commentsbox below.

DJ rooms “the feeling when you buy a new sealed record and rubbing the fresh plastic foil on the opening side with your blue-jeans until it opens.”

Frédéric: “Good old time…”

Peter:  “music, my life, fascination, thee music media…”

Jürgen: “that my discogs wantlist gets bigger and bigger.”

Paul: “Carrying recordcases to gigs, ouch!”

El Flosso: “long nights.”

Yiannis: “Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On…..”

Marco: “a huge pile of memories piled up in my studio ;)”

Marcus: “black album by prince · white album by the beatles”

Simona: “boozoo bajou ” satta ” ! with canvas cover…”

Manu: “Visiting Halcyon record store in NY next month and maxing out my credit card…”

Tamas: “my dad’s Tesla :)”

Martin: “Always. Want. More!”

Ben: “being able to look at a record and SEE where the breakdowns are”

Sun Ra: “Making Beats!”

Moritz: “Consistency”

Stephan: “the feeling to start a record and not to push the play button on a cd player”

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  1. Hey Djrooms,
    Very interesting The common way to pay attention to new music is with vinyl. It is the aged sort of music playback that is a cherished merchandise for the Child Boomer generation in North The united states. Yet, considering that the advent of the cassette player, they have faded absent and it has been decades considering the fact that they ended up essentially offered as element of new music deals.

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