Australian Veteran Selling His Massive Record Collection


Picture: Naomi Jellicoe

74 old veteran Trevor Cowling from Australia is selling his record collection of 100.000 records. First he was searching for a single buyer to take the complete collection but is now open to sell the collection in parts. Interested in spending some pocket money in a well organized collection?

Trevor Cowling’s music room containing tons of stacked records in 3m high shelves and crates. Years over years he spent in collecting the finest records during his carreer as a radio music director. A perfect library.

“I kept collecting up to about 2002 and then things changed in the record industry, so my sources who were supplying me directly were unable to keep up the library,” he says. “They were keeping it up because it was the best reference library that anybody had. It’s not for the money or anything like that, but it’s become a nightmare now.” Source: Messenger

Some US companies already made offers but were way off the estimated value of $1.5 Mio.

Trevor Cowling is showing his massive record collection

Story sounds familiar? We’ve already reported about Paul Mawhinney, founder of Record-Rama in Pittsburgh who owned the world’s largest record collection of 3 Million vinyl records which were valued at $50 Mio.

Would you sell a collection that accompanied you through life?

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