The Vinyl Experience – Video

The vinyl experience

Another short movie that shows the vinyl creating process in about 8 minutes. We think this is one of the best videos to show how our LPs and maxis are made out of little black pellets. Pure eye candy for every vinyl lover.

The movie shows Pallas Records in Germany, one of the last vinyl manufactories there. If you are able to show it with sound, enjoy the perfect ambient track by Bunker Hill – Pushing. thx to

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3 Responses to The Vinyl Experience – Video

  1. Sistrunk Studios says:

    I would love to see this movie, how can I see this film

  2. DJ Professor-T says:

    That was Beautiful Experience. YOU should post the other 2 showing how picture vinyl disc are made and different color vinyl is made CAUSE i don’t people know how the two i just said are made i think there’s a different Vinyl Experience too that. I mean there’s one on youtube but i think it’s missing some step’s. thank you post more vinyl experience please

  3. DJ Professor-T says:

    and just in case your like color vinyl i mean like the following: red,white,green,blue ,purple, clear, orange, pink, etc.

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