The Unscratchable Vinyl

Did you ever wish to have an unscratchable and unbreakable vinyl record? Here it is – Banana Records Vol 2 Glass Carving Board by “Joseph Joseph”. Unfortunately it does not play on your record player but it is the perfect and sexy utility for vinyl lovers kitchen. Cutting vegetables can’t be more comfortable with the help of this carving board.

Another advantage over real vinyl records: it is dishwasher safe. There are two versions on the market: Banana and Tomato. We think this is a must have.

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Unscratchable Record

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One Response to The Unscratchable Vinyl

  1. Rohan says:

    Lol, tru, but i didnt even know about that release until like a year ago. I spusoe they only prest around 100 or so 2 shop 2 labels, so im surprised nun of those songs wer eva re- dun on ther latest releases.

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