Show Your Favourite Picture & Colour Vinyl

Your Coloured & Picture Vinyl

This feature is all about YOU and your record collection. Take a picture of your favourite picture-, coloured- or clear vinyl record from your collection and share it on our Facebook wall at

Every picture with a record posted on our Facebook wall within the next 7 days will be added into this post, step-by-step. First come, first served. Hold it in your hand or put it on your record player. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a rare one or a generic; 7″, 10″, 12″ or shaped. Just pick your treasure, take a picture and share it. We will include your Facebook forename and the first letter of your surname to protect your privacy but to add a little identification to the pictures. Spread the word! -Click HERE to get to our Facebook wall-

GIVE US SOME COLOURS – firts participants taken from our facebook wall:

by Thomas R.


by Željko Žoc


by Klemens W.


by Christoph L.


by Peter F.


by Phil C.


by Walter M.


by Daniel Zeltner


by Daniel Zeltner


by Emilio V.


by DJ Friction


by Daniel Zeltner


by Daniel Zeltner


by Hans van R.


by Nikola J.


by Neil H.


by Tobias L.


by Daniel Zeltner


by Trevor R.


by Mat M.


by Callum D.


by Mikael F.


by Diethelm K.


by Rigo H.


by Jacob Z.


by Alvaro V.


by Zeljko Z.


by Neil H.


by Ric L.


by Tim P.

AND WHAT ABOUT YOURS? upload your favourite picture or colour disc on our facebook wall at

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  1. DJ-Face says:

    nice sound system are need your contract plesae.

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