room of the week 32 – Pat Claim

Pat Claim

Pat Claim is the owner of this room of the week. Pat, tell us a bit about yourself:

DJ/Producer since when? “I am a DJ since 1991 (starting @the age of 20). I was starting this year with my career as a producer (solo) and had a project in 2004 together with Aaren San.”

Pat Claim - room of the week 32

a short personal description:  “Well, having been surrounded by electronic music by “kraftwerk”, “tangerine dream”, “jean michel jarre”, “off’” aka. sven väth (electrica salsa), “Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers,  while growing up, I got into DJing pretty early. being a usual guest at a party was just too boring for me, i wanted to become a creative part of it.”

size of your record collection: “3.000 Vinyls (and 22.000 Digital Songs – I am using Traktor Scratch Pro for years)”

the highlights of your  studio: “It’s not much, but my Denon DN-MC6000 – Akai APC40 – Yamaha W5 Synth – MacBook Pro 17″ – iMac”

your alltime favourite record: “I have so many favourites, here a few: DJ Sneak – You Can’t Hide From Your Bud,  Jon Cutler – It’s yours, Harry “Choo Choo” Romero – Night @ The Black”

Pat Claim 07


Pat Claim - room of the week 32


Pat Claim - room of the week 32


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4 Responses to room of the week 32 – Pat Claim

  1. Khenu says:

    I love the simple shelf that keeps the iMac above your midi controller. Something like this would greatly improve the Feng Shui in my own studio. Did you buy it somewhere or make it yourself?

  2. Anton says:

    are these 5″ or 8″ yamaha speakers … and one more question, are you using sub as well?

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