room of the week 06 – Albi Dornauer

Albi Dornauer
photo by Clemens Schillinger

Taken from the archive on facebook: room of the week #06 by Albi Dornauer from Innsbruck/Austria

Tell us a bit more about this wonderful art project, Albi: “This picture was taken during the 2009 summer project “Haus Der Musik” (House of Music), an exhibition focusing on record cover aesthetics and good coffee. The project took place in Innsbruck, Austria at Labor B├╝chsenhausen, a local and international artist in residence program.”

Albi Dornauer 02
photo by Beana Bern

more information: “The city of Innsbruck planned a real “Haus Der Musik” for over 15 years and never realized it. With the help of the architecture collective “Columbus Next” the record house of music was set up within a week. The “Haus Der Musik” was a 5 room apartment with a lovely sleazy bedroom, a kitchen, a livingroom, a bath and a room for kids. All furniture was made out of melted vinyl records, all walls out of hanging record covers. All together 1800 covers were used and around 1000 records were shaped to chairs, beds and closets. “

A few words about you: “I’m a heavy data submitter (User: NLK) and am just obsessed by digging in dusty records on fleamarkets all over the world. I also work in a record store and as journalist for various medias. Other projects include DJing with a 2 jukebox soundsystem and operating a vinyl cutter. Next art installation will be a tape sized 4m high and 7 1/2m long.”

We are looking forward to his next project. Thank you for sharing these fantastic pictures with us.

Albi Dornauer 03

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