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Retro Soulman 15

This is one of those absolutely magic inspirations, why we started DJ rooms three years ago. Retro Soulman, a 29 years old artist from Greece built his own oldschool DJ console over the years to fulfill his own dreams and needs for the perfect DJ setup. He was always looking to bring the vibe of former clubs like the Paradise Garage directly into his living room. For this feature, we have a lot of pictures for you and get into details about the construction of the console within our interview. Must see and read!

Retro Soulman

Hello Nikos, we’re really excited to present your room here on DJ rooms. Would you like to tell our readers a bit more about yourself and when you started DJing?
“I started DJing when I was around 16 and got my first pair of Technics SL 1200. I totally love real sound and real equipment…and I use vinyl. This medium got never bored for me from till today.”

Retro Soulman 11

When did you start building the console and doing the interior design of your room?
“I started building the DJ consoles when I realized that when you got everything in the right place you can push your creativity to the next level. I already built 3 consoles and my last one is the one I love most. I got many personal advice by the legendary Gary Stewart (R.I.P), the guy behind Ministry Of Sound, Zook, Stereo NYC and many more club sound system installations. Gary helped me out making a console that I always dreamed of and also made me realize all the problems that will be found during the buildup.”

Retro Soulman 05

“This console is what we say the NY style DJ booth… it’s the type of a console that you could see on the Paradise Garage, the Sound Factory, The Saint, The Tunnel, the Zanzibar and many many more USA nightclubs back in the days. It was developed mostly by Richard Long, one of the greatest sound engineers back then.”

And how long did it take to build your DJ booth?
“Although the console blueprints were done by me, the console was build by a professional carpenter. It took almost 3 years for its final form as you can see it on the pictures. Now I can play the music I love at the DJ booth I always wanted and with a sound system that absolutely satisfies my needs.”

Retro Soulman 03

Retro Soulman 13

What equipment do you use combined in your room?
3xTechnics SL 1200 MK2, 2xTechnics SL DZ 1200 (I took them off the console), Rane MP 2016 (first generation), DBX 3BX Sound Expander, E&S GSA x3004 DJ Isolator, DBX 228 expander with noise reduction system (for my open reel recordings), DBX crossover, DBX equalizer, BBE 862 sonic maximizer, Stage Line VU meter, Tascam 112r mk2 with custom bias adj, Revox PR99 mk3

Retro Soulman 12

Crest Power Amp for the woofers and a High-End Rotel Power Amp for Mid-High frequencies

JBL 4530 type enclosures with bigger chambers loaded with B&C pl40 woofers and some JBL 2426 HF drivers with DAS vintage acoustic lenses and JBL 2404 tweeters.

Retro Soulman 06

Where there some difficulties during the buildup?
“The most difficult part of the buildup was the absolute correct measurements for everything!! Small errors are not acceptable in the construction processes! From the start to the end I was in everyday telephone contact with my carpenter for corrections – always adjustments/improvements I got on my mind.”

Retro Soulman 04

What will you build next?
“The next step is to build a custom suspended system for my turntables that suffer from acoustic feedback in very high volume levels.”

What are your personal highlights of the room?
“The DJ booth is located directly in my living room with some Keith Haring tags that a good friend painted for me. I’m very proud of the whole system… it is something that makes me feel comfortable when I play vinyl and also makes me relax! And of course it was a great honor for me that Gary Stewart itself helped me build it.”

Retro Soulman 14

How many records do you have in your collection?
“My records collection include about 2.200 classic House vinyl and about 300 from the jazz and soul genre… I got no CDs and MP3s!”

Retro Soulman 02

Your favourite track for the lonely island?
“One of my favorite tracks??!… hmm Nexy Lanton – You Too (the Atmosphere Mix). Totally my kind of style!”


Retro Soulman 19

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