room of the week 56 – Mike Ungewitter

Mike Ungewitter

Now we get funky with the room by Mike Ungewitter a.k.a. Heavy User from wonderful Munich, Germany. Digging vinyl since 1988, Mike got a really impressive collection of Funk and old school Hip Hop records in his room. Time to get to know him a little closer.

Hello Mike, glad you found us on the web and sent some really cool pictures of your room. Tell us more about yourself:“I started digging vinyl in 1983. Got me 2 Technics in 1988 and collected Funk and Hip Hop. Played first time 1988 in a GI Club called Cadillac in Munich. After that I played at many events around Munich area and at art exhibitions for several years also in. In 1998 I had a Radioshow on Evosonic Radio europewide over Satelite till the station was closed due financial reasons. After the year 2000 the DJ scene got boring to me cause all that digital & laptop DJ´s came out, so i decide to go back to my Room and have a Break for a while. Nowadays I concentrate on diggin vinyl records again and play sometimes in small bars or for my friends.”

Mike Ungewitter 02

What music genres do you collect at the moment? “Still old school Hip Hop and Funk-Soul records”

How many records do you have in your collection? “8 meters of shelves storing about 1800 records.”

Mike Ungewitter 03

And what equipment do you use beside your Technics 1200? “Vestax Mixer PMC 05pro Mk2, CD Turntable Denon Dns3000, Vestax CD player Cdx 05 with TascamTT1, Behringer Mixer Mx1604, Oxygen 8 Midi Keyboard, Canton Ergo 22 DC, Tascam US122 Audio Interface,Yamaha Fx EMP100, Boss Dr.Sample sp202, Akai Reel To Reel GX265D, Denon Amplifier PMA920, Behringer BCD3000 Dj Controller, Sony Minidisc Player…”

Mike Ungewitter 04

What is your personal highlight of the room? “Of course my Akai Reel to Reel GX 265 D (got it from my father. R.I.P.)”

Mike Ungewitter 05

Your record for the lonely island? “Comptons Most Wanted (CMW) – It´s a Compton Thang… and many more (I Love Barry White)”

Mike Ungewitter 06

This is Mike in his room:
Mike Ungewitter 07

Enough talking! Let’s listen to some music by Mike Ungewitter:

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3 Responses to room of the week 56 – Mike Ungewitter

  1. Mike Ungewitter says:

    Thanx a lot for these Flowers…i enjoy really…Mike

  2. Muchgo says:

    mike is the most complete DJ I know and his vinyl moves chasing a through a shiver down the spine. Your Homeboy Muchgo

  3. DJ ACRe says:

    Hi Mike, I’m a DJ and artist in Munich for a couple of days this week and would really appreciate any guidance on record digging — mainly for 60s and 70s German and European music –and bars or clubs that play old and/or independent hip hop. I have very little time left in Munich and want to get a taste of the scene. Dope room! Thanks for sharing!

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