room of the week 55 – DJ Naidar

DJ Naidar

Next stop on our journey is the room by DJ Naidar from Adelaide, Australia. Mostly completed with accoustic foam, this room went through a long and expensive buildup with a dual wall and self taught sound engineering lessons. Is this is the perfect room for playing loud and continuous Speedcore and Hardcore Techno sessions?

Hello Matt, nice to see pictures of the whole buildup of your room on our site. Please tell us how it all started.
“Started out DJ’ing for a bit of fun in 2005 and the love of music, and to meet people etc.. Have been pretty distant over the last 6/7 years though so haven’t got out anywhere near as much as I’d hoped. I have 2 awesome kids and an awesome girl, who all love jumping around to bangin hardcore :)”

DJ Naidar 02

Your room seems to have a lot of space for vinyl records. How many do you have in your collection?
“Approx 6500 of hardcore, speedcore, darkcore, drum n bass, tech, liquid, old skool, and a few other harder genres. There’s also some house, deep house, and hard house.”

How long did you take to built that room?
“3 weeks on n off. All started cause I had no where decent to mix. The original room being double brick, sound used to bounce around horribly and was highly noticable and distracting. I think this came about from just needing a change, and needing somewhere functional, comfortable and personal.”

DJ Naidar 03

What was the most difficult thing during the buildup?
“Containing sound, and getting the right sound inside the room. The walls are a dual wall hardwood and 18mm MDF. The outter wall contains 2x sets of R35 insulation. The inner wall is completely seperated from the outter wall with a 2 inch air gap that doesn’t come into contact with the outer wall. The ceiling is a dual ceiling too though using 16mm MDF due to the weight saving. Initially, we’d planned for a dual door setup with the inner being sound proof (costly door @ $2500). During the build the sound proof door was damaged and had to be removed. Once the door was left out, I stopped caring about how much sound was leaking, as a standard sliding door just doesn’t cut it. this was a blessing in disguise, as I was able to add air conditioning once the sound barrier was leaking (walls and ceiling aren’t a total loss, still does a great job). Before the A/C was added, there was only 2 hours of air period, and the room heated up, so it eared the name of ‘sweatshop’. A/C is wondering, especially with the thick walls, and zero air flow, and a pleasure especially during the hot days.”

DJ Naidar 04

“Getting the sound right inside was much harder than expected. I had read a fair amount on how to do it, but until i experienced it, I knew nothing. Originally I used 14 sheets of 1200×1500 mm, dense accustic foam for the walls, and 25 rectangle 2″ audio tiles for the ceiling. Also an industrial carpet. This was just such an overkill, I had read that it was possible to make a room too dead, but I simply didn’t understand, and didn’t care, afterall after the dual brick sound bouncing room, I was happy for a pretty dead room. It was just too crazy. After completion, I remember my misses standing at 1 side of the room talking, and me at the other end, struggling to her. The sound was so dead it was scary, nothing sounded good in it and powering the room was difficult (continually adding volume until there’s no more to add or reverb hit). The foam removal stage began from the walls and ceiling. Trial and error, stop when it sounds great. Now it sounds awesome. I should’ve put the sound system in before applying any foam, then apply where needed. Now I know, and learnt a costly lesson. Next time, I’ll be doing it quite differently that’s for sure.”

What equipment do you use in your room?
“3x Technics 1210 mk2 Turntables, 2x Pioneer CDJ 900 CD Players, 1x Pioneer DJM 2000 Mixer (w 3.18 Nexus update), 2x JBL JRX 525 (dual 15″), 2x JBL EON 315 Monitors (15″), 1x JBL JRX 118SP Sub (18″), 1x Crown XLS 602 AMP, 1x Phonix i7600 EQ/RTA, 1x Composer PRO-X Compressor/Limiter, Laptop w Rekordbox”

DJ Naidar 08

What are your personal hightlights of the room?
“Comfy. Great sound. Stocked beer fridge :)”

What’s your all time favourite record in your collection?
“Spor – Dante’s Inferno


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