room of the week 54 – Jürgen Driessen

Jürgen Driessen

This room of the week looks like a spaceship control center. Producer Jürgen Driessen from Germany built his own studio gear wonderland. Good news, that he sent us a bunch of pictures of this stunning setup and we’ve had the chance to catch him for a little interview. Check this out!

Juergen Driessen 01

Hey Jürgen, we were overwhelmed by the pictures that arrived through our mail-adress and we’re glad to have feature your room in the gallery.
Tell us, when did you start producing your own music? “I started in the year 1994. I played records formely known as PERGON and with my live act alias Acrid Abeyance & Exit „EEE“.”

Great, so that’s 18 years in electronic music experience, tell us more: “I’m an artist, producer and sound-label owner (PlusMinus Recordings) and had several worldwide appearances at the Love Parade, Tribal Gathering (UK) and Nature One. Various productions and recordings have been released on Harthouse, Twisted, XL Recordings, Hooj Choons, Alphabet City and Finger Lickin´ among others. I must have a few hundred releases to date, including several chart entries plus roughly the same amount of remixes for acts such as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Armand van Helden, or Green Velvet. And I founded Inspire Audio in 2003, a new home where DJs and producers can find fantastic sample packs.”

Juergen Driessen 11

So you’ve already collaborated with a lot of artists? “I worked with Tony Hadley (Vocals Spandau Ballet (80’s) in the studio and had collaborations with Marc Romboy, Oliver Klein and Remixes for  Frankie goes to Hollywood , Armand van Helden, Green Velvet to name a few.”

Jürgen Driessen 07

Beside your awesome collection of hardware, we’ve seen a shelve of vinyl records. Do you still collect them? “Hm. I’ve had about 20.000 records. Sold most of them and own about 5.000 at the moment. Times changed – Most of us choose Spotify or Youtube to listen to the daily dose of music.”

Jürgen Driessen 06

Jürgen Driessen 05

Can you give us an excerpt of the equipment you use in your studio? “Someone asked me in the 90ies whether i’ve copied the list by Touched by Sound. But its not that much ;)

Keys (Analog)
Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular
Doepfer MS-404
Korg Micro-Preset
Korg MonoPoly
Korg MS20
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Roland Juno106
Roland Juno60
Roland Jupiter6
Roland SH-101
Roland TB 303
Sequential Circuits Pro1
Syntecno T303
Waldorf Microwave Plus 4
Waldorf Pulse

Jürgen Driessen 04

Keys (Digital)
Akai S3000 XL
Ensoniq Mirage
Korg 707
Korg Poly 800
Kurzweil K2000 V3
Roland D-550
Roland XV5080
Yamaha FB-01
Yamaha TX316

Outboard (Analog)
Audio & Design Limiter
Focusrite Green 3
Manley Massive Passive

Jürgen Driessen 08
Outboard (Digital)
Ensoniq DP/2
Eventide DSP 4000
Eventide Eclipse
T.C. D-Two
Lexicon PCM 80
Roland SRV2000
Waves L2 Ultramaximizer

Juergen Driessen 12

Casio RZ-1
Roland TR-808 /w MIDI
Roland CR78 /w MIDI

Juergen Driessen 03
Apple Macintosh /w Logic, Aleton Live, Reason …
Mackie BigKnob
Brauner Velvet
Sure SM57 (2)
AGK Pro37R (2)
Beyerdynamic Headphones
Mindport Di-Port
Technics-1210 MK2 (2)
Genelec 1031 A & Subwoofer 1092
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Tannoy Reveal
MIDIMAN DigiPatch 12×6
Fostex DP-8 Digital Patchbay
Yamaha 02R (+)
RME TDIF1 (24 bit Interface)
RWT 1205D
Panasonic SV3800
Tascam DA-20
Technics TapeDeck RS-AZ6

Jürgen Driessen 09

MIDI & Controller
Emagic Unitor 8 (5)
Kenton Electronics Pro2 – Dual Channel Midi to CV Converter
Midiman Oxygen 8
Roland A-33 – Midikeyboard

D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself)
Amek Mic-Pre
Calrec EQ
Oakley 3031 SuperBassLine
Green Mic-Pre
Sans Amp
SSL Mix Bus Compressor
SSL 9K Mic-Pre
TR 9090

Wow, I think that’s one of the biggest lists we’ve seen on DJ rooms so far. What is your favourite piece(s) of the studio? “I do work with almost everything in the studio. And I’m  really open minded for new stuff. But my favourite pieces are my first synth Sequential Circuits Pro One, or that fat analog filters of my MS20 and of course my two classic TB303s and the TR 808. My current favourite is my Manley Massive Passive EQ.”

And to complete our little Q&A, what is your all time favourite record? “omg, there are so many to choose from. I think i would pick OMD : Enola Gay, my favourite Band.  I was even asked to to a remix for them. The track Tomba Vira – The Sound Of Oh Yeah (Oliver Klein Rmx) contains the original outtakes.”

Jürgen Driessen 10


Juergen Driessen 13


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