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What a great studio! Room of the week 52 shows us a pefect symbiosis of analogue and digital equipment and is located near Mainz (Germany). DJ and producer Broombeck is also known with with his projects and aliases MSMS (w/ M.Schickert), Guardner, Rauschfaktor (w/ F.Rueckert), Professor Kazkaz (w/ G.Tresher), Berkstroem, Signore Dito, or Marcus Schmahl. Check out the interview and 12 awesome pictures he took for us.

Broombeck 03

Hey Marcus, nice to have you on board. Your studio already got the attention of the magazines Beat and Sound&Recording. Glad you also shared your pictures with us. Your studio looks like you’re already involved in producing a long time. When did it all start?
“I am working for the music business since 1992 as a composer & music producer, DJ & live act and sound engineer.”

That was 20 years ago. How did you start in 1992?
“I discovered electronic music in the mid 80s and started using instruments to “copy”, mix and tweak tracks in the late 80s. My first synth/sample station was a Roland W30 workstation, followed by an Amiga 500 and a tracker as sequencer. I expanded my studio with an Atari 1040st and the first “Logic” with Midi to my hardware. This was a great time for “real” minimal music!! *laughing*”

“”Windows 95” on a PC changed the way of sequencing music and opens the system for virtual instruments and fx, a cheaper way to create music, instead of buying the expensive hardware. I started doing music for local bands and projects and earned my first money. This was a starting point to buy professional music hard- and software, and my door opener for my own projects to get in contact with labels, publishing companies and broadcasting companies. In the late 90s we had the chance to produce music for the legendary german tv show “space night” and later on “flowmotion”.”

Broombeck 02

“Now I create & produce music for different genres, different projects and clients (until today I have made and registered about 1200 music titles, icluding 12 albums and a lot of DVD, EP and single releases), I work as a mix & mastering engineer for labels & solo artists and I create and produce sample libraries, next to my live & DJ gigs.
You’ll find detailled biographies & discographies of my different projects on my websites”

Tell us some of the artists, you already worked with or already worked for.
“Over the past 2 decades of working as a music producer, I worked with A LOT of interesting people, DJs, musicians, vocalists, tv producers, labels, publishing companies, and I played of course with great musicians, live acts and Djs on my gigs. To name a few I’ve had collaborations & remixes for Gregor Tresher, Alex Flatner, Cari Golden, Terry Grant, Monika Kruse, Format B:, Martin Böttcher, Max Cooper.”

Broombeck 05

Beside the collection of your synths, do you also collect vinyl records? 
“I’ve got about 1000 vinyls in my collection, which I really like, and about 80 vinyls of own productions. I have sold a lot, because of not enough space in my rooms…”

I’m a little bit afraid to ask, because I think the list could be really long. Can you tell us, what equipment you use in your studio?
“Hardware synth: Moog Voyager, Moog Slim Phatty, Tom Oberheim SEM Pro, Roland Jupiter 4, Roland Juno 106, Roland TR 909, Jomox Airbase99, Elektron MachineDrum, DSI MonoEvolver, Arturia Origin, Access Virus Ti, Korg Z1, Korg X3, Arturia Minibrute, Roland TD-9 Drumset, Axon Ax100 mk2”

Broombeck 09

“”Real” instruments: Fender Rhodes Mk1 Seventythree, Godin acc. Guitar, Fender Bass, some acc. Guitars, Ukulele, some percussion instruments, flutes, whistles, voice, …”

Broombeck 04

“Recording: Event Opal, Tannoy System1000 (+Sub), KRK Rockit 5, KRK Ergo, Bass Amp, NEVE 8816 summing mixer, SmartResearch C2, Waves MaxxBCL, 3x MetricHalo MIO 2882, 3x Focusrite Octopre Mk2 (Dynamic), Antelope Isochrone OCX, MacPro, SPL Goldmike, AT4033a, 2x AKG C1000s, Powercore X8, UAD quad
DAW: Cubase 6.5, Ableton Live 8.3 + m4l, Logic 9.1”

Broombeck 13

“My favourite plugins: SSL Duende, Fabfilter, Fxpansion, Arturia, NI komplete, Sylenth1, Ohmforce, Gforce, and more. Max5”

“MidiController: NI Maschine, NI Kore, Arturia Spark, MFB Urzwerg Pro, Alesis IODock”

DJ/Live: Pioneer DJM900Nexus, 2x Pioneer CDJ2000Nexus, Pioneer Remix1000, Technics 1210, MacBookPro, Akai APC40, Novation Launchpad, NI X1, AKAI MPC Renaissance, Access Virus Ti, DSI Tempest, iPad, Ableton Live 8.3 + m4l, Traktor”

Broombeck 06

What are the personal highlights of the studio?
“Definitely all my hardware stuff and controllers. I love doing music in realtime and not with a mouse on a screen. You have a much better work flow and a more organic feeling of music. A positive side effect is the sound! ;) My Moog Voyager is the most used hardware synth in my studio. The sound is amazing and you can create a sound you want in seconds.”

Broombeck 10

Thanks for the great interview. As you might know from our last articles, we have a very last question: What’s (are) your record(s) for the lonely island?
“Leftfield – Release The Pressure, Jimi Tenor – Take me Baby, Moloko – Sing It Back, Air – All I Need. And
all about great pop music. This is a big influence to my daily work. But my favorite music depends on daily moods too – so these are my “all time favs” of today!

Broombeck 08


Broombeck 12

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