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Spirit Catcher

Welcome to producer-wonderland! Have you already booked your vacation for this year? If not, this studio could probably help you for the most creative producing session, ever. Spirit Catcher, the Belgian duo consisting of Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet are the owners of this fairytale house in Beaumont Belgium. You already should know them for several high quality productions on 20:20 Vision, Systematic Recordings, Moodmusic and NRK and for their cool DJ sets. Lean back and enjoy 8 stunning pictures of their professional studio in collaboration with our friends from TURNLAB.

Spirit Catcher 02

Hello Jean, Hello Thomas, we’re still overwhelmed from the pictures of your studio. But let’s get back in the days. When did you start DJing and producing?
That was in 1996.

How would you describe yourself in a few words? “We’re just a pair of music lovers trying to deliver sounds from our spirits. Our wish is to make quality music with respect for your ears and not to fill a bank account. First of all its a passion that makes us happy and hopefully that makes other people feeling the same!”

Spirit Catcher 03

Who already visited your studio? “Lately we’ve collaborated with Peter Beda from 72 Soul who is a super nice vocalist. We’ve also had a visit by Ilja Rudman who is a great producer, and also an amazing vocalist! Compuphonic, a belgian producer and Will Saul from Simple Records. We’ve also work with some musicians appearing on the albums only, like Fred Donche for keyboards, Pascal Paulus for guitars and bass, Colin Debruyne for vocals and Rick Hall for his perfect drum sessions. Of course we also did many remix works for many artist which is a bit like a studio collaboration, but there is too much to name all. For the rest, it’s true that the most important collaboration we’ve ever had is the collaboration between us… maybe that sounds a bit strange, but it’s not easy to build a strong partnership in long term with one person!”

Spirit Catcher 04

Do you still collect vinyl records? What’s the size? “Not that huge anymore… To be honest, we are not able to go on touring with heavy vinyl bags, so we concentrated our energy to organize a our collection in the computer. If this collection was physical, for sure it would be really huge.”

While looking at the pictures, we see a large list coming: What equipment do you use in the studio? “Yeah, right. We’re analogue freaks, so we’ve a very large collection of synths and analogue gears. Lets name the synths first: we have a Jupiter 8, Moog Voyager, Siel DK80 and Opera6, Juno 106, Yamaha CS30, Prophet 8, Yamaha SY77, Nord Leads, Oberheim Matrix1000, TR909, Drumtrak, Sequential Pro-One, SH101, JX3P, and so on. For the FX’s, we have Roland SDE2000 and 2500, TCElectronic System6000, Lexicon PCM80, Roland R880, Sherman, and much more. We also work with an AMEK Big as main mixer and ATC and Genelecs for monitors. We have some more cool stuff, but those are probably the most used.”

Spirit Catcher 06

What are your personal highlights of the studio? “We think thats not a single machine, its more the ability of how we can mix the analogue technologies with the newest plug-in capabilities. I mean, it’s interresting to send the sound of a virtual synth thru a pure analogue gear and doing an invert. You can get very interresting sounds out there.”

And the last one: Your all time favourite record for the lonely island? “Michael Jackson – Thriller”

Spirit Catcher 05


Spirit Catcher 07


Spirit Catcher 08


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