room of the week 49 – Iz Carter

Iz Carter

Yes, it’s true – we let you wait a long time for the next feature on the site. But be sure, the upcoming rooms will be amazing. Let’s start today with a new room of the week by Iz Carter from Paris, France. As he told us, he did not only have a Turntable in his room since he was a child, he also has his own vinyl recorder. Time to show you some more pictures…

Hello Iz and welcome to DJ rooms. Tell us some more about yourself: “Born in Paris in 1976, I have a passion for vinyl since I was young. I Always had a turntable in my room ! I’m DJing since 1999 and Producing music around 2006. I’ve founded the digital French label 96kHz Productions in 2007. I love creating things with vinyl records. So I’m burning vinyl records for my friends on my own vinyl recorder and making lamps with old vinyls in the spare time.”

Iz Carter 02

How many vinyl records dou you have in your collection: “Around 2000.”

What equipment do you use in your room?
“working with Steinberg Cubase 5, Access Virus Ti Snow, M-Audio Axiom Pro 49, Lexicon I/O 42, Adam P11-A & Sub 8 MK2, Yamaha HS-50, Rodec CX-1100, Technics SL1200 & SLDZ1200, Pioneer CDJ800, Sennheiser HD-25, HD-650, AKG-K550, Vinyl Recorder T560, BBE 362 and a PC quad core.”

Your favourite piece of the studio? “My vinyl recorder T560, a german hand made machine to create my own vinyl records.”

Iz Carter 03

The record for the lonely island? “Soldier Of Twilight – Believe [Serial Records SER024]”


Iz Carter 04

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