room of the week 45 – Maxim Lany

Maxim Lany

Not only for the best french fries, Belgium is also well known for a fine House Music scene. We continue our Belgium special together with our friends from TURNLAB with Maxim Lany (We Play House, Lany Records) as a new room of the week #45. Have a look at a lovely home studio and a floor full of records.

Maxim Lany 02

Hey Maxim, glad you’re on board with our Belgium series. You already gained a lot of our attention with several outstanding releases on We Play House.
Tell us, when did your passion for DJing and producing evolve? “I have been DJing since I was about 13 or 14 years old and never stopped since. I started producing very late when the need came about 6 years ago. At first I attented and watched other friends make music and after discovering the right software that would suit my thoughts I started creating my own little studio in the top room at home step by step. Meeting various people who along the way became friends I learned every day about making music. And I still do. I try to follow my instinct and whenever I can I add something new to my collection.”

What about your own imprint Lany Records? “Like any self-respecting DJ, I also ventured into music production and released several well-received tracks over the past years. One of the main ones being the ‘Highway ep.’ on We Play House Recordings. This record and its positive worldwide response were the trigger to talk to Red D – the label manager of We Play House Recordings – about starting a new record label together that would reflect my musical vision and personality. Lany Recordings was born. That gives me the perfect platform for all my musical ideas.”

Maxim Lany 04

Some artists you already worked with: “San Soda, Kolombo, Ramon Tapia, Katorski, Red D, Ante Perry, Lemakuhlar”

You already mentioned your record collection. How many records dou you have in your shelves? “app. 4000”

Maxim Lany 03

Back to your studio. Could you present an excerpt of the equipment you use in there? “M-Audio Oxygen 49, M-Audio Fasttrack Pro, Behringer Truth B2031#, Philips monitor screen, Way too many cables for random use or none what so ever ;), Macbook Pro w/ Ableton, Casio Rapman, Akai APC 40, Micro Korg, Korg Electribe SX, Yamaha rm1x, Roland Edirol recorder, and a whole bunch of hard disks.”

What are your personal highlights of the studio? “Thx to I finally got to put my speakers on higher ground and now I have more space to put all my other stuff :-) But I’m most proud of my Akai APC 40 cause it gives me the feeling to be in control of what I do.”

Your all time favourite record: “I think that Blaze – Lovelee Dae is on top of my favorites. But as always it’s not fun to choose just one, so Youandewan – 1998 is also one of my favorites.”

Maxim Lany 05


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2 Responses to room of the week 45 – Maxim Lany

  1. flix says:

    Nice rooms and setup but I would like to know where I could get the white chair :) – anyone who knows something about?

    Greetz, Flix

  2. Maxim Lany says:

    @flix Haven’t got any details on the chair, sorry. Got it since I was little at home and was already from someone else then. Thanks for the comment though ;-)

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