room of the week 39 – Gleis3


Here comes another room of the week that is absolutely stuffed with a lot of DJ gear. The owners are Gleis3, a german studio collaboration of 5 people. Its a nice living room for long lasting DJ sets. Lets have a further look on Gleis3 and the equipment they use in their studio…

Tell us Who is in your team of Gleis3: “Boss Axis, Marc de Vole, Janero, Patrick Muschiol, Stefan Strobe , TONmotiv = Gleis3 (name of our studio-collective)”

When did you all started DJing and producing? “we began DJing in 1996/1999 and began producing our own tracks in the year 2000”

A short description of Gleis3: “We are a collective of five people, loving music, especially electronic music. Producing together and separately under different names and projects. Our sound can be described as mostly melodic, (tech-)house and always produced with a lot of love.”

Whats the estimated size of your record collecion? “ca. 2000”

Gleis3 03
picture by Kunstlichtcrew

What Equipment do you use? “2x Technics MKII, Vestax VMC004, Roland Edirol, Behringer BCF2000, RFT Corona, Alesis RA150, TC-Heliocon Voice Works Plus, 2x Traktor Control X1, Traktor Control S4, NI Machine, + some Laptops”

…and the highlight of your room? “Our huge and selfmade DJ desk”

Gleis3 04
picture by Kunstlichtcrew


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