room of the week 36 – Triggerfigur


No blending, just bending. Triggerfigur from Germany is the owner of this crazy room of the week #36. He already posted a picture on our facebook wall some months ago and attracted our attention. The beats out of this room can also come from old electronic toys like Furbys and learn computers that are modified with circuit bending. But let’s have some more information about his work in the little interview.

Hello Triggerfigur, we’re happy that we can have a feature of your room on our site. When did you start collecting machines and records and make music? “That was in 1999.”

Tell us a bit more: “All that is a big hobby for me, music and DIY music instruments. I don´t have a Label or beeing involveld in one…maybe in a another time! Some of the machines that are not bended, are loans by my friend Kai. Music & Electronic are kind of elexir of life to me. My beats are 100% hommeade and 100% Triggerfigur.”

Triggerfigur 02

Whats the size of your record collection? “What you see on the pictures is all I have”

And what are the highlights of your studio? “all the DIY Stuff are highlight. ATM there are 30 instruments and counting. Thank you throwaway society.”

Your alltime favourite records/artists? “That’s difficult. Maybe some Aphex Twin or Squarepusher Stuff”


Triggerfigur 03

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