room of the week 35 – Sito


Italians do it better. It’s time for a new room of the week #35 by Sito from Mailand (Italy), the founder of Mischio Dischi Disco. We’ve also had a little interview with him as well.

Sito, nice to have you on board. When did you start making music? “I’ve bought my first pair of turntables in 1998 I’ve started with hip hip, moved to classic/soulful/garage house, now mischio dischi disco (now I mix disco records)”

Tell us more about your project Mischio Dischi Disco: “Mischio Dischi Disco (italian for “I mix disco records”, it sounds like “Miskio diski disco”) pays the right dues to the glorious past of 70s and 80s disco music, to clubs and djs from USA, Europe and Italy which are a myth and a model for every djs nowadays. But it is not a revival, it is very contemporary, it’s a classical approach to every kind of club music, without prejudices of genre or style.”


Its always a pleasure to ask this question. Whats the size of your record collection? “I think i have about 1500 to 2000 in my collection.”

What are your personal highlights of the room: “My hand-made, hand-numbered and portable Rotary Mixer E&S DJR400 is my beauty”

If you should choose your alltime favourite record, what would it be? “I choose Purple Rain by Prince”






You want to know how Mischio Dischi Disco sounds like? check out the newest episode of Sito’s podcast on Mixcloud:


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  1. analoghdesc says:

    very beautiful room and a beautiful mix as well and love the fact ur living in the best of both worlds hence my name analoghdesc (hard disk error system crash)

    respect :)

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