room by Tom Terrific

Tom Terrific

Today we present you the room by Tom Terrific (Innsbruck, Austria). Tom posted his picture to the wall on our Facebook page. Of course you will get to know him a little bit more in the short interview:

When did you start being a DJ and producer: “Djing (and some – albeit minor – production work) since 1997. Although after ca. 2005 Djing only sporadically.

Tell us a bit more about yourself, Tom: “I am part of the “creativ collective” named ZiP6020. Together with Dj Philmonic and Dj Smokey Joe I am part of the DJ-Team Soul Snatchers. Here and there have been “the help”-Dj for the Hip Hop combo IBK-Tribe (MCs Benjamin & Sensay). Music I play: mostly Hip Hop including natural contrasts of Funk and Soul. Music I like (besides the aforementioned): Jazz and simply every piece of music that has groove!”

Size of your record collection: “Sadly my vinyl doesn’t weigh a ton. At a guess my collection’s size is somewhere between 600-800 12″ and some nonrelevant amounts of 7″ and picture discs ;) I have to admit that I turned into an MP3-bitch (+20.000 songs) and today I only buy vinyl when I hold some 12″ to be an absolute necessity for my collection.”

Tom Terrific 02

The highlights of your room(s): “The highlight of the room is an Akai MPC-2000 (sorry, it’s not in the picture). I definitley have to include in the higlight list a hand drawn circuit diagram of a Vestax PMC-06 Pro – that thing really came in handy when I had to let it reapair some years ago (thanks to the unkown japanese guy that has drawn it himself and that i downloaded it from after searching on the web for ages).

Your alltime favourite record: “I was asked to name my all time favorite record – I cannot! Rather I list my absolute top three favorite mixtapes ever made: Roc Raida – Stuck in The Past | Dj Melo D – Classic Sound | Cut Killer – Hip Hop Soul Party Vol. 2”


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