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This massive studio is located in the calm and beautiful village Höfen in the south of Germany near Black Forest. With the first release on Connaisseur Recordings (CNS001) in the year 2005 “Eve by Day” all eyes and ears turned to his special and calm sounding tracks. Patrick built this music studio over a few years with every detail. The summary of the equipment that is used in this studio stands for high quality electronic music itself. Let’s see how Patrick adds his typical calm and pumping fingerprint to all of his tracks and why also his cat loves the sound.

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Patrick, it’s really nice to have you here in our gallery. Your studio looks amazing and really productive. Tell us, when did you start your career? “I produce sound since 1989.”

How would you describe yourself in a few words? “I love sound, my cat, forest, water, studiogear and food.”

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Could you tell us some artists you already worked with?< em>”Kai Portolano, Steve Bug, Sebastian Studnitzky, Martin Landsky, Florian Schirmacher, Afrilounge, Alex Flitsch, Oscar Schubaq.”

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Do you release all your tracks as Patrick Chardronnet?
“I produce most of my music under Patrick Chardronnet, but I also have a quite successful secret moniker. :)”

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Ok, so now we have to ask you the most interesting part for all of our audiophile fans and synthgear lovers: What equipment do you use in your studio to produce these unique sounding tracks?
“That’s a really long list, but there you go: Mac Pro, Apogee Symphony, Apogee Rosetta 800, Pro Tools mix plus as multi fx, Genelec 8050, Genelec 7070, Adam a3x, Yamaha sub, Harman Soundsticks, Mackie 56/8, TLA5051, UA 2-1176, Eventide H3000/Mod,
TC D-Two, Zoom mult fx, Small Stone Phaser, Dynacord EchoChord, Boss Space Echo, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Roland MC 202, Roland Jupiter 6, Roland TR-606, Dave Smith Poly Evolver Keyboard, Korg Z 1, Kawai K-5000 S, Korg Electribe SX, Korg Electribe R x2, Korg Monotron Duo, CME-UF8, Korg Monotron Delay, Yamaha DX 200, Waldorf Micro Q, Access Virus A, Access Virus, TI2 Polar, XoXBox, Danelectro Spring King, Novation BassStation, Novation DrumStation, Native Instruments Kore2, Native Instruments Maschine, Akai S 6000, Akai MPC 2000, Doepfer System A-100 48HE, Rhode NT-2, AKG C-3000, EthnicPercussion&Guitars and a Bentley Piano.

So, you also play a lot of live gigs, what equipment do you take with you on tour?
“My MacBook Pro, a UC-33 Controller, Korg Electribe and a BiYang Analog Delay. That’s it”

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What are your personal highlights of your studio/room?
“The acoustic of the room. Furthermore the Doepfer through the 1176 through the H3000 makes me happy, every day!!! Also my cat loves the sound.”

Patrick Chardronnet 01

Do you also have a record collection?
“I only own 300-400 vinyls, most of them are D&B and jungle from the old days. 1 Basic Channel, 1 Matthew Herbert, 1 Disco B in “techno” and of course the records I produced. I always produced sound, I am not really a DJ. My CD collection is around 1000 copies. I listen a lot of ambient on Canton Karat Surroundsystem in my living room.”

What tracks would you add to your bag for the lonely island?
“IF-Portrait Of A Dead Girl, Adam F – Metropolis, The Notwist – Incredible Change Of Our Alien and Maurizio – M5”

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