room by Madruss


It’s studio time with Madruss. He sent us his picture from his studio in Moscow (Russia). You will see no vinyl, there is only hardware. We’ve had a little interview with him, as well.

When did you start being  a producer/DJ:
“I am producing tracks for the last 10 years. I was a DJing 8 years ago, now I´m only concentrating on producing and live performances”

Tell us more about yourself in a few words: “Techno with love! Non-stop live performance tour all over the world. Production from Moscow to Berlin”

The size of your record collection: “No vinyls. I’m only doing live performances using Electron Octatrack and Machinedrum (2011 live gearlist)”

What are the highlights of your studio: “I fell in love with Moog and Elektron :)”


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