room by DJ Naund

DJ Naund

A warm welcome to DJ Naund, aka Rudi from Coesfeld, Germany. A room with a beautiful few from the flanking balcony. We really like this cozy room and we are sure the owner really enjoys playing records in here. You see his old setup in the first four pictures and his new setup in the new room in the last pictures below. Check out the Fisher Price Microphone.

DJ Naund 02

Hello Jan, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
“I was born in Coesfeld, a town in the area of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. I started to collect vinyl records about 10 years ago after I had listened to some records from my fathers collection. DJ Babu inspired me a lot and I wanted to become a DJ myself in 2005. After a while, I bought a beautiful pair of Technics 1210 turntables. It was love at first sight.”

DJ Naund 03

What equipment do you use in your room?
“In my room I use two Technics 1210, a Reloop IQ2+, a Yamaha Mg 10/2, Fisher-Price Microphone!, Luxman amplifier, and B&W 705 speakers. Not to forget an Akai MPC 500”

DJ Naund 04

What are your highlights of the room?
“Definitely my speakers. On the other side it makes me proud that most things in my room are handmade. And of course the view out of my window with the nice and small balcony.”

How many records do you have in your collection?
“I got around 800 records in my collection.”

DJ Naund 05

What is your favourite genre?
“I started collecting and playing HipHop. Today I really love the genres Funk, Soul and Jazz, too.”

Imagine, you could only save a few records from your collection from a fire that is burning down your house. What records would you pick?
“The alltime favorites of my collection are: Ella Fitzgerald – Basin Street Blues, Kelenkye Band – Jungle Music, KRS ONE – South Bronx, Batsumi – Itumeleng”

DJ Naund 06

DJ Naund 07


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  1. Rita says:

    I miss your sound Jan! I was living the 1st floor, you in the 3th. I couldnt listen to a melody, only the beat but I liked it, and you and your spirit and energy. I’m proud of you! Your (old?) neighbour-woman :-D Sorry, I left school in 1982, my english is not very well! :-( :-D

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