room by Danny Tenaglia

Danny Tenaglia

Ok, ladies and gents, this could be the most wicked rooms we’ve featured on this site. Some of you already know it from the blog Deep Absurdum back in 2012. Well known DJ Danny Tenaglia from the US, who created such catchy tunes as ‘Music is the answer’ does not only have one room for producing and listening to music. He takes it to another level and shows his Loft with different workspaces from DTour Inc., Be Yourself Int. and Stay Tuned Productions, where all the magic and business happens. Just to name a few highlights: approx 20.000 records, 6 white woofer stacks, Scully Dubplate machine, studio, custom DJ booth and much more to discover. What dou you think – rate or hate? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Danny Tenaglia 02
The A&R room from another angle


Click on one of the gallery pictures to open up bigger sized image


Danny Tenaglia 09
Custom built DJ spaceship booth. Unfortunately it was for sale in 2012


Source: Deep Absurdum

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