room by Craig Dalzell

Craig Dalzell

Craig Dalzell is the owner of this DJ booth with 4 Technics 1200. You see a good combination with analogue and digital equipment for DJ sets with a unique flavour. Let’s see, what Craig also reveals from his DJ living room and his live as a disc jockey…

Craig Dalzell 02

Craig, when did you start as a DJ and producer?“I’m DJ’ing since 1999 and I started producing in 2008 under the alias Guise Sunstitute”

Tell us more from your vita: “I started DJ’ing when i was 15 and been an Ibiza resident DJ for the last 9 years, also had residency’s in Italy & Andorra along with guest spots at various clubs worldwide including Ministry Of Sound, Red Sea Egypt. My style of DJ’ing bridges the gap between the retro analog world of vinyl and the new digital audio age with multiple turntables and MIDI controllers featuring quick paced mash up sets.”

What’s the size of your record collection? “About 3000 vinyl records and a lot of digital.”

What equipment do we see on the pictures? “4 Technics SL1200s, Technics SHMZ1200 Mixer, Technics SLDZ1200 CD Turntable, Pioneer EFX500, MacBook Pro, Serato SL4, Denon DNHC-1000s, Vestax VFX-1, Akai APC20 and a Akai MPK Mini.”

…and you alltime favourite record? “Unique II – Loveline”


Craig Dalzell 03

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2 Responses to room by Craig Dalzell

  1. Robert Hutchinson says:

    Such a set up from Craig and it looks He has the lot, but he is the man when he’s pumping out and mixing the tunes

  2. Phil England says:

    More than just an impressive set-up…. it’s soooo tidy! Where’s all the man mess!?!

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