room by Anton Zap

Anton Zap

Today we present you a room by a DJ an producer that brought us great releases on the record labels Ethereal Sound, Underground Quality and Quintessentials in the past few years. We are really happy to see where his lovely deep and dubby sound come from. Here is a short interview we’ve had with Anton Zap (Moscow).

Anton, since when are you a producer/DJ: “I started in 1997”

The size of your record collection: “There was a time I couldn’t stop buying. Now most of the records are for sale. I only keep my favorite records and if I place a new order please see beginning of the sentence.”

And how about your studio: “My first studio set up collapsed like a house of cards. New one does not exist yet.”

The highlights of your collection: “Well, it is always a problem to pic up just one.”


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