DJ Furniture – Bad Habits DJ Console

Bad Habits Three Deck DJ Console

On our DJ rooms Facebook site, we already presented you a couple of really cool DJ booths and consoles of great designers around the world. This is our first part presenting you custom made furniture for DJs that can be ordered and customized on request through the designers website. More to come. Bad Habits manufactures two different versions of the DJ Console with two or three decks and enough space for landscape format mixers and EQs. Would you buy one or would you prefer a home-made console? Leave your feedback in the comments!


room of the week 54 – Jürgen Driessen

Jürgen Driessen

This room of the week looks like a spaceship control center. Producer Jürgen Driessen from Germany built his own studio gear wonderland. Good news, that he sent us a bunch of pictures of this stunning setup and we’ve had the chance to catch him for a little interview. Check this out!


room by Siasia


For this feature, we received some cool pictures by Siasia from Poland. He is well known for his techno sets and the owner of the label Dirt Stuff Records. Let’s have a further look on his vita in a little interview.


iCrates Goes Print With Exclusive 12″ Annual

iCrates Annual Kickstarter Campaign

Everyone who is in love with vinyl records and music, watch out!!! The guys at would love to print a limited 12″ high quality annual magazine with 96 pages, containing 25 wonderful features. But they need your help to realize this idea. Visit their kickstarter campaign or watch the video below.


room of the week 53 – Moodyzwen


And we continue our journey through the marvellous rooms of record collectors and producers around the world. This time we stopped by in another city in Germany called Essen. Moodyzwen is the owner of this lucid and tidy room of the week 53. Let’s get to know him a bit better with a little interview and six more pictures of the room.


25 more celebrities and their vinyl records

Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell

We continue our series of famous people posing with vinyl records or record players. (Check out the first part HERE) Of course, most of them are shot during the best days of the black gold, but they all look awesome. We all know: vinyl will never die.


DJ and Music Jewellery

DJ and Music Jewellery - Darkcloudsilver

We were totally amazed as we spotted these cool rings and necklaces on the web. The designer Nathan Thomas is spezialized in crafting all kind of DJ and music jewellery like turntables, headphones, vinyl record crates and microphones in 925 sterling silver and gold at DarkCloud Silver. A really cool accessory for every artist, DJ and music lover. Would you buy one?


Philipp Straub on ‘vinyl vs. digital’

Vinyl or Digital?

Back in April 2012 we presented you the stunning musicroom by Philipp Straub from Vienna, Austria. We’re glad that he also shared his thoughts with us on one of the most discussed topics in DJing: vinyl records or digital? Philipp, as a former record collector with a collection of 26.000 records tells us from his own experience, how the way of DJing changed since the rise of Traktor, Beatport and lightweight Laptops.


room of the week 52 – Broombeck


What a great studio! Room of the week 52 shows us a pefect symbiosis of analogue and digital equipment and is located near Mainz (Germany). DJ and producer Broombeck is also known with with his projects and aliases MSMS (w/ M.Schickert), Guardner, Rauschfaktor (w/ F.Rueckert), Professor Kazkaz (w/ G.Tresher), Berkstroem, Signore Dito, or Marcus Schmahl. Check out the interview and 12 awesome pictures he took for us.


room of the week 51 – Metrobox


Let’s bring it on again. With the support of our Friends from TURNLAB we present you another great room of the week. We’ve had a really nice talk with Metrobox (also known from the new formation Fellowship Of The Funk) originally from Belgium about music, record collecting and studio equipment. It’s time to dive into some great pictures of his setup in Berlin, Germany.