room of the week 57 – D.Vyzor

D. Vyzor

Several months went by and fans and friends sent us so many really cool pictures and requests to feature their rooms on our site. It was overwhelming. Step by step we will add these features to the site again. So do we with Brazilian D. Vyzor from London. His room is fully packed with 45’s, 12″ and a lot of percussion instruments. Wiggle your hips to these amazing pictures and interview.


How to clean a vinyl record? – Video

Clean Vinyl Record

You know that awful moment when you’ve just bought a really rare record at the flea market, see no scratches but loads of dust and fingerprints on it. Oh, you don’t want to put your needle on that one, when you return home. But how to get rid of that soil? Some people use record washing machines, some use wood glue to pull out the dust in the grooves. In this video, YouTube user SupraWes explains his almost perfect DIY cleaning process for soiled vinyl records using a turntable, washing fluid, a vacuum cleaner, microfiber towels and a drying rack. What’s your favourite way to clean your records like a sir?


room of the week 56 – Mike Ungewitter

Mike Ungewitter

Now we get funky with the room by Mike Ungewitter a.k.a. Heavy User from wonderful Munich, Germany. Digging vinyl since 1988, Mike got a really impressive collection of Funk and old school Hip Hop records in his room. Time to get to know him a little closer.


The LP Queensize Bed

IKEA Expedit Bed

IKEA is DJs best friend for affordable and functional storage capabilities. Their Expedit series considered as the most used record shelve around the world. The featured rooms here on our site tell the truth. As featured on the wonderful blog IKEA Hackers, we found this LP storage queensize bed by contributor Maximilian. The construction is able to store about 500 records. Would you like to sleep as The Princess and the Vinyl?


Living Room Sounds Selection #01

Sounds Selection #01

We all love collecting and listening to new and outstanding albums and single vinyl records. With this topic, we present you a selection of 5 to 10 vinyl records (primarily electronic music) that moved us in the last few weeks and are worth sharing with you here on the site. This topic will not end in a buyers guide, toplist or paid promotion for the artists. It’s all about a good taste of sophisticated music that does not only work in a club. We try to keep this thing up monthly from now on and love to hear your feedback to the topic and featured records in here. Here is our first selection #01 – What do you think?


room of the week 55 – DJ Naidar

DJ Naidar

Next stop on our journey is the room by DJ Naidar from Adelaide, Australia. Mostly completed with accoustic foam, this room went through a long and expensive buildup with a dual wall and self taught sound engineering lessons. Is this is the perfect room for playing loud and continuous Speedcore and Hardcore Techno sessions?


IKEA UK Pimps Harry’s Room – Video

Harry's Vinyl

Pimp my studio! IKEA UK joins the DJ trend and helps DJ and producer Harry Love to rebuilt his really messy rooms. They bring his studio back to live with Expedit shelves for his records and shoe tracks for his synth and gear. Another proof that Ikea is one of the basic essentials for every DJ. Must see for everyone of you that is going to renovate their room in the future.


25 more stunning vinyl animations


F#*/% Flash, here we go again with some oldschool vinyl and turntable GIF animations. Fast internet connection recommended. Feel free to loose yourself in these 25 really cool animated pictures found on the web. By the way, did you know that the GIF file format has first been introcuded by Compuserve in 1987 and surrendered 25 years beside all the powerful other file formats till present?


room by elpierro


This is the proof that great sounds can also come from little micro homestudios. Producer and record collector elpierro from Erlangen, Germany shows us his minimal setup and tells us about his first contact with electronic music.


For The Record – Video

Video - For The Record

Another great short documentary about the love of vinyl records and their manufacturing process made by NEKTAR. 16 minutes, recorded over 6 weeks, travelling through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK. “For The Record exposes a number of notions about why vinyl is such an indelible medium and how it continues to remain popular in the the face of opposing format change.” Must see!