OF NORWAY showing their Studio and Record Collection

Of Norway Studio 01

And again another peek through the keyhole. The duo OF NORWAY (Vegard “Lil'” Wolf Dyvik and Chris Lynch) from Oslo gives you exclusive access to their creativity rooms. A studio fully packed with finest equipment and of course a lot of records. We’ve had a really nice interview with both of the guys just before their new album release.

Of Norway 02

Hello guys, nice to have you here on DJ rooms. Your music sounds really grown up and varied and sophisticated. Can you tell us and our readers when it all started with DJing and producing?
“DJed since 1997, produced music since 1990ish (on Commodore Amiga 500)” / Vegard
“I started DJ’ing in 1997 like Vegard when I lived in the UK. I started with Drum n Bass and Techno, but then got into Hip Hop, old school electro and of course House! I have also DJ’ed a lot of indie rock and had “Madchester” nights in Oslo for many years. I have a background in bands (Metal/Hard Core/Noise etc) but didn’t really start any kind of production until i started working with Vegard in 2006.” / Chris

How would you describe yourself in a few words?
“I think hard working and dedicated is a good description of us. We are two different musical characters that work really well together and we seldomly argue about the direction of our music.”

Of Norway 04

Our readers and of course we are always curious what equipments are used in the rooms we show here. Can you summarize what’s inside of your studio?
“An old PC running Windows XP. The DAW we use is Cubase 6.
Our Favorite software/plugs are: SSL Duende (dps card), Waves (Kramer Collection, Kramer Tape, Renaissance Bundle, L1, Element), Native Instruments (Maschine, Komplete Elements 7, The Mouth) + a few more”

Here is some of the hardware we use:
Focusrite Saffire Pro40 (soundcard), Acoustic Energy AE22 (monitors), Yamaha 02R (mixer / adat), Sony MX-12 (mixer, re-amp/coloring), Line 6 Stagescape M20d (live mixer, recording), Tascam 488 (?) Portastudio (Mixer, Casette recorder – coloring/re-amp), Presonus BlueTube (Tube preamp, coloring/re-amp), Korg R3 (synth/keyboard), Moog SlimPhatty (synth), Novation SL (midi controller/keyboard), Grendel Drone Commander (drone/synth/filter), Korg Volca Bass (synth), Korg Volca Beats (Drum synth), Vermona Kick Lancet (Drum Synth), Waldorf Blofeld (Synth), Korg Wavedrum (Synth/Percussion), Fender Jazz Bass (Bass guitar), Unknown Acoustic Guitar and semi acoustic guitar, Røde M3 (microphone), Quasimidi TechnoX (Synth), Hardwire, Boss and Line 6 Reverb, Delay, Flanger and Delay pedals (stomp boxes), Korg KaossPad KP3, Percussion instruments (tambourine, shakers etc) and a few more bits and bobs.”

How long did it take to build your studio and when did you move in?
“I think we moved in around 2010 but we had some of the equipment in a 5m2 studio we rented in the years before that. It wasn’t really until we had space that the studio started to grow. Our studio space is now 20m”.”

Can you tell us what your personal highlights of the room are and what makes you proud?
“None of the equipment makes me particularly proud, it’s just tools really, I am proud of the music we make with the tools though.” /Vegard
“I am very proud of the Grendel Drone Commander even though we have only used it in a few tracks. It’s handmade and very rare and very difficult to use. Perfect!” / Chris

Of Norway 03

You will release your debut album on Connaisseur Recordings this month, tell us about it!
“The album is called „Accretion” and will be released May 30th, 2014. It’s been a bit of a journey for us to complete it to be honest. To me, at least, it’s a very personal album, it’s not just a compilation of dance music tracks, but also tracks that reflect shit that I’ve gone through in my life. Some of it is a bit dark and melancholic, maybe, but then there are also straight up dancey tracks, because life is full of ups and downs and madness. I’m really exited about the album, but also a little scared, as it feels like I am exposing my self a little more than I am comfortable with. But then again, maybe that’s a good thing…” /Vegard

Which instruments were very important for the production?
“This might sound a little boring, but guitar and bass has been absolutely crucial. And also the Moog SlimPhatty, which I think is featured on almost every track. We have also made great use of the Korg Wavedrum as well a lot of human percussion to get “out of the box” as they say. A few tracks are made 100% outboard.”

Of Norway 11

We see a lot of records on the pictures. What’s the size of your record collection?
“I don’t know, about 2000 maybe?” /Vegard
“I have roughly 7000 12″ and LP’s. They don’t all fit in my apartment, so I have them in my cellar as well as 1000 at a friends house.” / Chris

Of Norway 12

And our last question for today. What’s your all time favorite track(s) in your music collection?
“That pretty much changes every day :)” / Vegard
“I still believe Johnny L – This Time (Carl Craig rmx) /xl recordings is the best house track ever made :)” / Chris

Of Norway 13


And here is a sneak peek to their new album on Soundcloud:

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  1. Album Snippets – always a great mix. Really look forward to them.

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