Music is forever – 15 musical tattoos


Some of you got them, some of you hate them: tattoos. If you love them, you might already had a guess about immortalizing things on your skin that shaped your life. This article features the best 15 tattoos we’ve found on the web that are all about vinyl and music. Ready to get your ink done? Do you also have such tattoos on your skin?

by pekkapakasteherne


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Got some inspirations for you next tattoo session?

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3 Responses to Music is forever – 15 musical tattoos

  1. Emma Rand says:

    Love this DJ’s tattoos. Emms. x

  2. Jaime Ruff says:

    Y’all might like this one. Not finished yet but someday soon. Samoan base design but all music components from my life or DJing. Artist is Mana from Tahiti Tiki Tattoos, Ibiza.

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