Keinemusik studio tour in Berlin


Rampa, &ME, Adam Port, David Mayer and Reznik, part of the Keinemusik collective from Berlin granted us exclusive access to their creative rooms in Berlin. As they are finishing their 5th anniversary at the moment, we are really happy to catch them for a little interview and a studio tour. Take a look at their different studio corners where all the records including their newest release “Workparty FIVE” were produced.


Hello guys, nive to have you on board of our little community. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? “Keinemusik is based in Stattbad Wedding/Berlin, a former town pool, today a self governed building with ateliers, art spaces, studios and of course, the renowned club going under the same name.”

When did you start with your DJ carreer?
“&ME: DJ since 98, producer since 2000
Rampa: DJ since 98, producer 2004
David Mayer: DJ since 2008, producer since 1996
Adam Port: DJ since 98, producer 2006
Reznik: DJ since 98, wouldn’t call myself a producer so far. ;)”

Our readers are really curious of all the studio eqiupment. Can you give us a short summary?
“Most important: MacBook, our self built KD7 (the KeineDelay), Prototype Teile Modular, some Synths & Samplers”

How long did it take to furnish the rooms?
“3 months approx.”


Click on one of the gallery pictures to open up bigger sized image


And what was the most difficult part of the buildup?
“To get the electricity working. Still a problem today, haha.”

Whats your personal highlight of the space”
“Our neon Keinemusik sign.”

Can you tell us something about the size of your individual record collections and your all time favorite track(s)?
“&ME: collection 1000-2000, Track: Logic System – Clash
Rampa: collection 2000, Track: Paula Perry – Extra Extra
David Mayer: stopped buying after 100 or so
Adam Port: collection 1500, Track: Neu! – Hallogallo
Reznik: collection ca. 2000, one of the most worn out records must be Bodzin & Huntemann – Rekorder 9.2”

What are the highlights of five years as a label? How are you celebrating?

“Without a doubt our Workparty Five Tour would be the highlight so far – over 14 dates we went through 10 countries. The final date of the tour was in our hometown Berlin in Watergate and will be completed with the 25th release of the label called Workparty – Five.”



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  1. Jason Attwater (DJ CREDIT ONE) says:

    Why is this studio tour even on DJ ROOMS? where’s all the real records & gear at.
    As a DJ & record collector myself I have no interested in seeing some blokes weights & kitchen.
    DJ ROOMS if you want a half decent DJ ROOM to feature then please contact me, I shall provide photos for you to make you own minds up.


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