Hand Painted Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen

Vinylart Covers

Daniel Edlen brings his fantastic drawing skills onto vinyl records by doing white acrylic portraits of the well known artists. Each portrait on the record album is hand-painted and unique. Daniel also does on demand work if you have a preference for your favorite artist. Some of his works are still available. Prices are about $280 for each. We think that’s a perfect way to immortalize your favorite artist on the best and most beautiful music source. Pictures say more than words – Take a look at these fantastic artworks we picked for you.

Vinylart Bob Marley
Bob Marley

This is how Daniel describes his work:
“Building on my background in sculpture and rapidograph dot drawings, I use the unique canvas of the LP to create dramatic compositions that spark conversations.”
Hint: As these records are painted with acrylic white colors especially into the grooves, the record cannot be played any more. It’s just beautiful art!

Vinylart Moby

Vinylart Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

Vinylart 2Pac
2Pac Shakur

Vinylart Gene Simmons KISS
Gene Simmons

Vinylart Jimmie Hendrix
Jimmy Hendrix

Vinylart Andy Warhole Collection
Andy Warhol Collection

Let’s see Daniel Edlen in action in this amazing video:

Visit http://vinylart.info/ for more information and for ordering one of these amazing artworks.

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