Feats Per Minute – Turntable Bicycle

Feats Per Minute

Did you ever wish you could listen to your favourite vinyl records while riding a bike through cool landscapes? Feats Per Minute makes it possible. This unique design project was created by Dutch designers Merel Slootheer, Pieter Frank de Jong and Liat Azulay for dezeen Space Platform.

The basis for this projekt was a 30 year old Alpina folding bike from Germany. Records are fixed on the front- and back-wheels with a little tonearm on the side. An outstanding tube-woofer for best listening results was mounted on the carrier of the bike.

Feats Per Minute 02

Feats Per Minute 03

But you need to be a real steady peddler in order to keep the sound running in the perfect tempo. We think this is the coolest folding bike on the planet.

Want to see how it works? Check out their video for dezeen:

via dezeen.com

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One Response to Feats Per Minute – Turntable Bicycle

  1. 6 Pack Charlie says:

    This is kinda cool but I’m looking for anyone who knows where/how to make/buy a luggage rack for my bike that will hang a turntable from each side like panier bags leaving room for a mixer and a crate of records on top. This would be a huge help for me since getting home from gigs with no car (public transit doesn’t run late) can be a problem.

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