please do not do any DJ requests – Video

Play Lil Wayne

We’ve already shared a link to the blog “NO BREASTS, NO REQUESTS” with you on our Facebook site. They share notes and signs that where found on DJ booths all over the world at the clubs or bars. Today we found a video on that site that we did not want to withhold you. The video features exaggerated request from nerve-racking people at the DJ booth. Must see!

“Can you play something that people can dance to?”

We are sure some of you already found yourself in this situation. We like the idea and recommend you the blog “NO BREASTS, NO REQUESTS” for hours of fun, reading requests on crinkled ¬†tissues. Did you already receive such an insane request?

Here are some more excerpts:


Play Guetta
The translation: “Whoever plays David Guetta tonight, gets badly smacked in the face and buried behind the house.”

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