Two Beat Stompers – I Ain’t Give You None Of My Jelly Roll

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

Dig Of The Week 18

Swinging Dixieland cover of New Orleans standard “Jelly Roll” by the rather obscure German Trad-band “Two Beat Stompers”. The 45″ I’ve unearthed for you this week was written by the boogie woogie, juke joint, rag-time, barrelhouse – call him what you like – rhythm & blues king and one the most outstanding and well-documented artists of the early New Orleans music scene: the aptly titled “Jelly Roll” Morton

This track has been covered voraciously over the decades and continues to be a favourite, especially here in Berlin’s recently revived swing scene. Here’s an early film recording of N.O.L.A. native Sweet Emma Barrett performing it.

So enjoy them jelly rolls – Of course, a jelly roll is nothing but a tasty baked sweet, but in popular slang it has a completely different meaning altogether…

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