Gregory Isaacs – Write Myself A Letter

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

Dig Of The Week #16

Remembering “The Cool Ruler”, “The G.I.”, or “The King Of Lovers Rock” who died 2 years today and is still unparalleled!

Milo Miles, writing in the New York Times, described Isaacs as “the most exquisite vocalist in reggae”. And I can only agree his style was more than original, often seemingly offbeat and always sweet as saccharine – yet totally unharmful! Also crowned “The Lonely Lover” he was married to his wife June since 1983, who now runs The Gregory Isaacs Foundation, which continues to support the charities that Gregory worked with in his time.

So with the incredibly legacy of this true and honest cult legend with over a hundred original longplaying albums full of stunningly beautiful reggae voiced by him from 1968 until 2010 when he was diagnosed with cancer, I am proud today to present this classic reggae 45 to you – may his spirit live forevermore! R.I.P. to a man of integrity and a real role model! Respect!

Here it is, this week’s dig, “Write Myself A Letter”.

Dig Of The Week #16

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