Berlin-Schöneberg’s Choir Boys – German National Anthem

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

Dig Of The Week 15

Deutschland Lied Schöneberger Fassung – recorded 1989 in front of the Brandenburg Gate, a day after the fall of the wall, with some of the old heavyweights of German politics.

Featuring in the lead, former President of Berlin’s Parliament and undercover informant of the former GDR, the man who hosted the party that day: Jürgen Wohlrabe . The collective popularity of the troupe, which included Willy Brandt, the man who oversaw JFK’s classic “Ich bin ein Berliner…” speech as Chancellor at the time, and also the German political supremo of the time: Helmut Kohl, thought they had it all sussed, thought they would look great overseeing the re-unification of Germany. But they’re attempt to sing the German National Anthem is completely overpowered by the crowds jeers and heckling throuhgout the whole of the recording. That’s what I call Berlin! And that is what it was famous for, not for being cheap and willing, but poor and and biting back at its oppressors!

This legendary performance is also became known as the “Deutschland-Lied gesungen von den Schöneberger Sängerknaben” (Germany Song sung by the Choir Boys of Schöneberg).

Originally published by die tageszeitung as a bonus flexi-disk with their newspaper.

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