Spike Jones – Carmen Murdered

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

“Hello Music Lover’s: This Is Spike Jones Inviting You to The Opera House For A City Slickers Performance Of The Opera Carmen…” is how two sides and over 12 minutes of mayhem start. From the man who gave us such greats as “The Laughing Song” aka “The Flight Of The Bumblebee” and the epic “Der Führer’s Face” his recordings are always full of wonderful sound effects, good humor and full of pacifist and anitfascist sentiment. Spike Jones has been making these cabaret and spoof songs since the early 1940s. This is quite understandable as his first experience on stage apparently goes back to the John Scott trotter Orchestra playing percussion, among others on Bing Crosby’s uber-conservative smash-hit “White Christmas” – well, what a turn for the better!

This record is from the 50s and a German print on RCA Records numbered EPA-440

Here is the whole thing on Youtube:

In an effort to pre-determine the demerits of Spike Jones Murders Carmen, a number if scientific tests were made. The results are given below:
Thirty-seven giraffes, listening to the recording individually, did not make a single adverse comment.

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