Pinchers – See Mi Yah

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

See Mi Yah by Pinchers

Conscious dancehall legend Pinchers performing on a King Jammy riddim and the whole thing titled: “See Mi Yah” makes an intriguing record, especially as the title is the same as on dubtechno releases by Rhythm & Sound – some of which carried the same title and even repeated the “See Mi Yah” line, on occasion, in some minutes, of the hours of remixes, of that mindnumbing “rhythm series” by the same name.

The constellation made this little 45 a definitive one to check out – and i was not disappointed: it’s on the famed Jammy riddim “Boops” and is loaded with the beautiful “Dancehall-Bandolero” chatting of one Delroy Thompson a.k.a. Pinchers. Originally released in 1991 and also featured on the “Bandolero” Lp released in the same year under the title “Si Mi Ya”.

Btw. a direct translation from someone “in the know” concerning the title would be much appreciated as i am left puzzling.

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