Louis Armstrong – Kisses In Der Nacht EP

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

kisses in der nacht

Wonderful record, released only on the German market, with Satchmo singing German phonetically! You gotta see the movie to understand this recording.

“Ohh Mr Armstrong it was marvelous, it was terrific – it was Ooh!” I guess they had never heard anything like it in 50s Germany and this Satchmo cameo was, apparently, by far the best thing about this terribly uptight and conservative German movie called: “Die Nacht Vor Der Premiere”.

Now the a-side, with “Kisses In Der Nacht” is certainly a novelty, but the flip just kills it for me, as there are two Fats Waller jazz-standards here which are interpreted outstandingly – as all Louis’ interpretations were: wonderful and original!

So here are the two saucy swing standards from the flip: “Ain’t Misbehavin” & “Honeysuckle Rose”, featuring  Velma Middleton as Louis’ duet partner.

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