Judge Dread – The One-Eyed Lodger

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

Judgre Dread - The One-Eyed Lodger

HOLD ON – I know what you’re thinking: “Not that fat, dirty wannabee rudeboy again!” I dare you to look at him with all due fairness and respect. First of all: what a tune. Second: what a man of culture – an honorary citizen of Ethiopia! Thirdly, i dare say, what true skinhead – me not being one – but he really had to stand his ground and shared from the beginning – just check his Wiki! Doing what he likes as he pleases best – quite frankly not givin’ a bleep about the rest! To get the big picture on this adolescently dressed, seemingly high court wig-wearing caricature of a judge he seems not much more than a man with an unstoppable humor running through his veins… and now read the lyrics of the featured single:

Take me im a simple guy, ain’t got no GCE’s
I learn what’s going on around by bogging at TV’s
My eyes are like a camera, my brain records the scene
And all i know is what the One-Eyed Lodger give’s to me!

Check the Track out:

This, to me, is a steaming social criticism on par with Gil Scott-Heron, Funkadelic, James Brown, Bill Hicks, bob Marley, Benjamin Zephaniah and just about every Roots-Reggae artist until now. Also he is the holder of two records that will not be topped for a long time to come: Judge Dread had more reggae uk No.1 than any other reggae artist, Yes – even Bob Marley, and having had more records banned from by the BBC than any other artist is quite a feat!

Alexander Minto Hughes has for decades been an influential figure in a very important worldwide youth and people movement originating from britains ethnically diverse, working-class neighbourhoods

Just check his rendition of Dandy’s classic, “A Message To You Rudy” towrd the end of his over three decade long career, which came to an all to sudden end recently:

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