Wilbert Harrison – Let’s Work Together

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45

Let’s Work Together by Wilbert Harrison

Timeless hippy stomp dug up on a beautiful Sue Records Inc. reissue with an even nicer label than the original!

“Working together” (Ike & Tina Turner in 1971) or “coming together” (Beatles in 1969) or “sticking together” (Brian Ferry in 1976) was very important theme of the early 70s hippy movement and, for me, epitomises resistance music. Canned Heat, the legendary communal boogie band, were also convinced by this track and made a very succesful covers of this song. Performed live here in Montreaux in 1973:

Originally Credited to Wilbert Harrison’s One Man Band, as he would perform this playing all of the instruments at the same time – recording without overdubbing or other shenanigans! So here it is from 1969 Wilbert Harrison’ One Man Band on Sue Records Inc. 11 Parts 1 and 2:

After further research i will quote Discogs.com member “PatV”:
“The Beatles “come together” was one of Timothy Leary’s battle cries for his 1969 Californian Governor election campaign and he asked his friend John Lennon to write a song based on it for the campaign. By the time Lennon got around to it, Leary’s campaign was dead (he had to drop out when he was convicted of marijuana possession).”

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