Carl Sagan ft. Stephen Hawking – A Glorious Dawn

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45


Welcome to the future and welcome in 2012! I guess it’s just in time for the Glorious Dawn of our Space Issue, that i dug deep and came up with the most fitting 45 on this anti-matter …

First of all though: here is my own feeble attempt at “photoshopping” a “spacey” little picture to present this weeks dig: A Glorious Dawn by Carl Sagan on Third Man records TMR 020

Listen to it here accompanied by a beautiful clip composed by the youtube member melodysheep, with the lyrics subtitled in german! Incorporating loads of clips from the epic Space-Science Tv-Series “Cosmos” and “Universe” by Carl Sagan and Dr. Stephen Hawking, respectively. Great work!

The B-Side of this record is etched with the basic data, in diagram format, explaining our planet, solar system and the basic’s of our existance to all life forms that may find this weeks dig or retrieve one of the gold discs pictured below. The famous “Voyager Gold Disc’s” carry the same etchings on the rear.

Probably most expensive record … in Space i guess… ok, sorry, enough of my humour! I guess this must surely be THE Holy Grail of all record collectors in this Space Time Continuum!
So when E.T. flips to the A-Side of his gold disc on his intergalactic record player he will be greeted in 54 different earth-languages accompanied by all sorts of sounds from our planet, using the same sound conveying mechanism we use to listen to our conventional vinyl records here: on earth! …eeem, that is providing he has AIR of course!
Here is the intro of the Voyager Recordings sent into space by NASA’s twin Voyager spacecraft launched in August and September 1977.

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