The Treacherous Three – Santa’s Rap

Text & Fotos by Valentino 45


Christmas never goes by unnoticed and neither do Atlantic promo 45′s – and this one 7-89593 from 1984 by Legendary Rap trio The Treacherous Three coupled with a 1976 release by Luther Vandross entitled “Christmas Time” certainly caught my eye.

The A-Side features the quirky “Santa’s Rap” unfortunately without the revolutionary Beatboxing by Doug E. Fresh which was part of the cut released in the 1984s Beat Street 2 Movie! The Record industries X-mas dissapointments go further here as this is the censored version, or “edit” as it is stated, has all the characteristic expressions of these fine young men from New York’s poorer neighbourhoods “bleeped” out! But i think there maybe a couple of extra lines of refrain added to the end of this single cut…

Here is the “Santa’s Rap” by The Treacherous Three as on the Dig:

Still a treat for any 45 lover! And for the people who can handle the X-Rated language featured in the uncensored vocal recording of this song i have dug up the original scene from the movie where this track was performed featuring Doug E. Fresh:

I may take this chance to remind all you good people that christmas is a time for sharing!

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