AVDesignHaus Dereneville VPM2010-1

Dereneville VPM2010-1

We’ve already seen a lot of expensive turntables. But this one must be the highest-fidelity for audiophiles and tech freaks out there. Rainer Horstmann from AVDesignHaus added only the best parts to this turntable that is worth a huge luxury one family home. Let’s have a look at the technology that is used for the play-back of vinyl records.

Dereneville VPM2010 laser

If you are a real audiophile, you may be interested in the features, this turntable comes with. Combining digital and analogue techniques, a scanner reads the surface of the vinyl records and gathers the inches and the grooves of the record. A HD-TV camera records the diamond needle to adjust and watch it with high resolution on a monitor.

The tonearm is hydraulically muffled and resonance free and comes with one of the best MC-Systems on the market, a Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua for maximum capacity.

Dereneville VPM 2010 c

And now, guess how much money you have to spend for this turntable? Got a number in mind? Heres the resolution. This prototype is worth exactly 650.000 USD.

Dereneville VPM2010 a

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