Vinyl Postcards – cards that impress


Did you ever receive a vinyl in DIN A5 format? Vinyl Postcards makes that possible again. These cards combine perfectly graphics and sound, and you can send them around the globe with your own 2-3 minute musical greetings. A rare Must Have for every record collector.

Vinyl Postcards 02

Vinyl postcards is a common project of a passionate record collector and a sound engineer from Innsbruck, Austria. The cards were popular at the beginning of the sixties when the media “vinyl record” was still young. Pressing plants were experimenting a lot with different support materials to release music. The postcards were common these days and sent as holiday greetings, X-mas wishes or just to impress the receiver. In the mid-sixties the cards disappeared. Since last year, you can have your copies of high quality postcards for promotion purposes directly from Austria.

Have a look at the limited edition of Sirlensalot – Lenscapes #02 (vinylpostcard edit). We hope you won’t get dizzy.

These cards are definite eyecatchers for record lovers and collectors and stay in mind for the receivers. We are happy that the two guys from Innsbruck brought them back to live with the newest pressing techniques and standards. Soon you will also have the ability to order larger DIN A6 Cards with more space for grooves. If you want to order your personal copies, check out their fantastic page for more information:

Vinyl Postcards 03
limited edition of DJ Food’s cards for an exhibition in London

Vinyl Postcards 04
limited edition of DJ Food’s cards for an exhibition in London

**  We gave you the exclusive chance to WIN 1 out of 2  rare copies by commenting on the article. Winners where chosen by the jury. The winners are Valentina and Willi.  The contest was closed on Sunday the 5th of February **

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14 Responses to Vinyl Postcards – cards that impress

  1. willi thomas says:

    i would send it to my grandparents because many many many years ago they send me an vinyl postcard…

  2. I would like to sent this nice postcard to me, because I would like to have it, its easy :)

    Thank you


  3. Atze says:

    I’d like to send it to my local record store, because they are so great!

  4. eleni says:

    i would give it to a kid. Kids can have a beautiful and inspiring memory in their childhood this way!

  5. simone spicks says:

    i would send it to a dear friend who is a vinyl freak as bday greetings because i know he loved it!

  6. Carl says:

    I would send it to Universal-Records and write on it:
    “Thats the fuckin proof, that vinyl isn´t dead.”

  7. bbroke says:

    i’d send this to my love .. she’s currently living overseas.

  8. vicky says:

    i would give this gift to my turntable, because it spins beautifully!

  9. Ronald says:

    I will send this card all over the world. From person to person untill cannot be played anymore!

  10. I would like to send this postcard to my best friend. He shared with me his love for music, and because of this I am a better person.

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  12. Andreas says:

    I’d send it to the one and only cause it would make perfect sense to hear my voice through this medium

  13. I’d like to send this to my father he worked as a record promoter during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. He traveled the country from state to state giving out promo’s to radio stations and record stores. I didn’t get dolls as gifts I got records instead!

  14. mohamed afifi says:

    i have over that 5000 viynals but i have only 20 postcard viynals so need to know if want to bring more how much?

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