The Vinyl People – Video

The Vinyl People

Here is another great short movie about record collections and the passion for vinyl records. The Vinyl People is a portrait of several vinyl collectors, shop and label owners that tell us about their own experiences and favourite things about the black gold. Enjoy!

You will see interviews with the owner of a Charlie Parker album worth 10,000 USD perfers playing mono then stereo, as well as the two rock musicians Billy Miller & Miriam Linna from Norton Records. Also there is the proprietor of Finyl Vinyl, who could be straight out of the classic vinyl collectors novel by Nick Hornby РHigh Fidelity.

We love the idea of the homemade Gramophone brought to Washington Square Park every Sunday by Eric Byron to play a collection of 78’s shellac records.

Keep this thing alive and tell your friends about your passion for vinyl records. 2012 could reach even more record sales than in the comeback year 2011.

This video was produced for WNET City Arts by Howard Silver.

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