Gaslamp Killer’s Record Collection – Video

Gaslamp Killer

In this video The Gaslamp Killer (also known as William Benjamin Bensussen) is showing his producing studio and record collection in his house in Los Angeles, California. Known for his weird electronica and alternative Hip Hop beats, the interior design seems to be a mirror to his music. About 11.000 records split everywhere at his house with different listening areas and an archive at his mother’s. He owns some Flying Lotus test pressings, a sealed album section and shows some of his favourite records of his collection. Fuse did it again with a really great and intimate episode of Crate Diggers. Check it out!

Gaslamp Killer 02

His debut album was releasing on the record label Brainfeeder, the label by Flying Lotus in the end of 2012.

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Want to see more from Crate Diggers? We already did feature the record collection of Rich Medina HERE here on DJ rooms.

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  1. Adam Bailey says:

    My best friend I’ve never met. Loved this.

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