room of the week 33 – Martin Bell

Martin Bell

Yes, we have another room of the week. Martin Bell from UK sent us seven beautiful pictures of his and his friends studio, as well as some pictures of his harmonic DJ booth. Looks like you can enjoy a nice studio session there. Don’t forget to have a look at his YouTube channel. There are a lot of cool videos online. Martin, please tell us more about yourself and your DJ rooms…

Martin Bell 02
Martin Bell rooms 02

When did you start making music: “I wanted to be a DJ for a long time but in 1998 a friend at school got a pair of turntables for Christmas and was hooked since, I didn’t get my own until 2000, so I would say I started properly until 2000 but I wasn’t very good back then and had to put up with crappy Numarks for ages, couldn’t afford Technics for quite a bit.”

How did you get to all this studio equipment: “We had a Atari 1040ST running Cubase, EMU sampler and a DX-100 at the school I went to. I was really interested in making music but was scared I would suck and would be wasting my money, I nicked the DX-100 and messed about with that for a year or two at home but when I turned 16 and got a job one day I walked in my local DJ shop and they had a used Novation Bass Station quite cheap and thought fuck it lets do it… That was around 2002/2003 I think and it’s been quite obsession since then, I wasn’t very good though until at least 2005.”

How would you describe yourself: “Music obsessive”

What’s the size of your record collection: “Haven’t really counted it recently but aprox 3 years ago it was around 1000 vinyls so god knows how big it is now, perhaps not much compared to others but I say quality over quantity. Also have a few hundred CD’s”

If you can choose one of your machines, what is your highlight of the studio: “The Akai samplers, they have been a staple of the studio for ages.”


Martin Bell 03
Martin Bell rooms 03

Martin Bell 04
Martin Bell rooms 04

Martin Bell 05
Martin Bell rooms 05

Martin Bell 06
Martin Bell rooms 06

Martin Bell 07
Martin Bell rooms 07

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